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In journalism, the 'lede' (/lēd/) is the introductory sentence or section of a story. The goal is to grab attention and entice the audience to read further. The Lede is meant to set the pace and the tone of what comes next — it is the foundation on which the rest of the story depends.

Based in Nashville, Tenn., The Lede was built on the premise that meticulous research and analysis create the foundation for winning strategies and compelling narratives. Doing your homework can mitigate risk and ensure your business has what it needs to plan, create, and execute. Whether prepping for major meetings, understanding customer pain points, exploring changes to products or services, or identifying opportunities in a new market, The Lede provides the tools businesses need to get ahead.

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Used independently or together, The Lede offers a set of unique services intended to help your business uncover the insights it needs to stand out from the crowd.


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Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.
— Jean Luc Godard


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