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Annie Youngblood has been a sleuth since she could speak. Always learning, always asking questions. It wasn't until she left journalism that she began to understand the value of stories in business. As a former journalist and analyst, Youngblood believes that research and analysis should be distilled in a way that is easy to understand and can drive actionable results. She founded The Lede in 2018 with the belief that data, research, and conversation can be seamlessly combined to create narratives that support business decisions and drive new sales.


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Annie Youngblood

Most recently, Annie was a market analyst for a large North American payments technology company. She was responsible for evaluating market trends, sizing new opportunities, benchmarking competitor capabilities, identifying disruptive technologies, profiling potential and existing customers, and recommending new approaches to market.

Previously, she spent five years with a nationally acclaimed law firm, where she was responsible for launching, maintaining, and growing the firm’s business intelligence structure.

Annie also spent nearly a decade covering business and public policy on the local, state, and national levels for various news organizations. At the Nashville Business Journal, where she covered economic development and legal affairs, Annie was instrumental in spurring public debate about taxpayer money and corporate incentives. Previously a congressional reporter in Washington D.C., Annie reported on the intricacies of the legislative and budgetary process. 



BA,  Economics