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Separate from the Pack

Service Areas

We offer flexible solutions with options for cradle-to-grave support as well as assistance on singular parts of your process. Deliverables vary by project, but include in-depth company and industry dossiers, strategic messaging, executive summaries, and written marketing material. Unlike some market research firms, we won't just hand you a bunch of data and walk away. The Lede believes that to be effective, any project, goal, or decision should be accompanied by a strong game plan and a compelling narrative. Whether your audience is internal or external, The Lede provides the unique insight your business needs to make informed decisions and frame winning messages.


A deep understanding of a potential customer or market can be the difference between winning and losing new business.  The Lede's powerful research services and interview techniques empower you to understand the full story, ensuring that your business can unlock unique data about the needs of customers, industries, and prospects alike.

  • In-depth company and industry research to build rapport with customers and prospects

  • Objective voice of customer interviews to reduce risk and uncover new opportunities

  • The certainty to align products/services with known market needs

  • Competitive intelligence that gives your business a clear advantage


Gone are the days of the loathed data dump. It’s one thing to uncover information, it’s another to distill and analyze that information in a meaningful way. The Lede takes the time to get to know your business and leverages the results of meticulous research to help your business transform information into action and create a plan to drive execution. 

  • Innovative action plans to get deeper with current clients

  • Fact-based sales strategies designed to close deals faster

  • The confidence to go to market knowing what resonates with your target

  • Product/service positioning that separates your business from the pack


The Lede leverages the results of in-depth research and analysis to help you communicate and connect with your target audience in a meaningful way. Whether testimonials, case studies, thought leadership or product messaging, The Lede will help your business deliver the compelling, fact-based narratives it needs to stand out from the crowd.

  • Sales stories that improve engagement and credibility

  • Market-tested headlines that grab attention and drive leads

  • Thought leadership designed to get deeper with clients and improve visibility

  • Research-backed sales messaging designed to attract new buyers